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The Guardian Life Insurance Policy

The Guardian Life Insurance Company was founded in New York in 1860 and has thus become one of four most successful mutual insurance companies in the United States.
Its assets are valued over $50billion and they have more than 80 agencies working throughout the US.
Guardian Life Insurance Company has been ranked by six highly rated agencies as being superior and excellent.
The company offers multiple insurance coverage plans to individuals and other companies or business organizations, and handles such issues as: death, disability, and health problems.
It allows permanent insurance plans to cover regular living needs: education, income for retired policy holders, and so on.
The insurance policies of the company are twofold: whole life and universal life.
Whole Guardian Life Insurance Policy A fixed amount of premium is required to be paid by the owner throughout the duration of the policy, according to Whole Guardian Life Policy.
A certain amount of the premium is saved for the client's needs and he/she can then withdraw it anytime while paying the premium.
The guaranteed cash value can be withdrawn by the policy holder to satisfy his/her needs and it is the primary benefit of the Whole Life Insurance Program.
Another type of program is the Variable Whole Life policy in which the cash value and the amount of the death benefit vary with the particular kind of investment options chosen by the owner of the policy.
In many variable whole life plans, the death benefit is fixed about a minimal level.
The cash value does not have to be a specific guaranteed amount.
Universals Guardian Life Insurance Policy The Universal Life Policy is yet another type of permanent insurance.
In this one, the owner pays flexible premiums while deciding for either fixed or variable amount of death benefits.
This selection of insurance also allows cash value to accumulate which is based on the profits of the company and the amount of premium paid by the client.
A specialized type of Universal Life is the variable Universal Life Insurance Policy.
A flexible investment situation is in this and can be chosen by the insured person while he/she selects the investment risk within the policy.
Benefits of Buying a Guardian Life Policy The Guardian Life Policy, similar to other policies, in that; it affords one to: death benefits, maximum pension benefits, greater flexibility with expenditures, avoiding capital gain tax, greater savings, and profitable investments.
The insured person is then able to pass this on in an appreciable amount to his/her family or charity of choice.

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