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How to Sell a Working Vehicle to an Auto Salvage Yard

    • 1). Call some local auto salvage yards and ask if they are interested in your vehicle. Check the local phone book and search online for dealers in your area. The salvage yard dealers will ask you about the vehicle and will give you an offer if they are interested. Try to get as many offers as possible to get the best deal for your vehicle.

    • 2). Select the salvage yard that offered you the highest bid to sell to and arrange for someone to pick you up at the salvage yard once you have delivered your vehicle.

    • 3). Take out all your belongings from inside your vehicle.

    • 4). Drive the vehicle to the salvage yard. Since the vehicle still runs, there is no need to worry about towing.

    • 5). Let the dealer give your vehicle an inspection if they need to. They will usually give the vehicle a quick look over to ensure that it is in the condition you described.

    • 6). Remove the license plate from your vehicle.

    • 7). Sign the vehicle's title over to the salvage yard dealer and collect your money. Payments are usually either cash or a business check.

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