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Best Ski Resort in India

Gulmarg Ski Resort is by far India's premier ski destination.
It has some of the most beautiful scenery found in the surrounding region and is the chosen destination for thousands of visitors who come year round, from all around the world.
The journey to Gulmarg is almost as exciting as actually being there; you'll be aghast as the sweeping landscapes enthrall the mind and senses.
The region's sheer beauty is beyond compare.
One of the most charming aspects of visiting the Gulmarg Ski Resort are the locals, who call Gulmarg home.
They are known throughout the region to be friendly, honest folk, who enjoy the simpler things in life.
Tourism and selling hand-crafted items are their mainstay financially and they sell their craft throughout the town, so tourists can provide a great boost to their local economy.
Much of what you do whilst in Gulmarg, depends upon how creative and adventurous you want to be.
From the extremes of off piste skiing to the more relaxing options, like taking a stroll around the village, and throughout the various shops which sell their various crafts.
In addition, there are a whole host of other activities that individuals, couples, and families can engage in.
Activities range from individual and group mountain skiing and cross-country excursions in the winter, to golfing and trekking in the summer.
Now if you've come to Gulmarg in the hope of finding untouched powder and thrilling terrain, well...
you've made the right choice.
Some of the greats of skiing and snowboarding have found their way to Gulmarg, including the legendary Warren Miller.
So I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
In addition to its many larger adult ski slopes, many of which are now groomed, the Gulmarg Ski Resort offers three varying green slopes for the learners, with each slope varying slightly in difficulty.
As one would expect of a small town in India, accommodation in Gulmarg isn't quite up to the same quality as you would find on a trip to Paris or New York.
That being said, it's arguably one of the best in the region and much of India.
With a stay at a Gulmarg Hotel, visitors can expect to be pampered beyond their expectations, a testament to India's friendly, and hard working people.
With many of Gulmarg's hotels having achieved a four star rating, Gulmarg is at base camp on it's way up to becoming a premier destination for the skiing elite.
Yet, fortunately it still maintains that small ski town charm I know we all appreciate.
If you're that way inclined, Gulmarg Accommodation can come in packages that include various ski activities, skiing lessons, hotel accommodations, food, drink etc.
There are a variety of hotels to choose from.
One such hotel is the luxurious Heevan Retreat.
Reviews for this hotel are generally very positive, as are those for another hotel called the Hotel Hilltop.
Both hotels can fit most any budget.
They are, however, just a few of the great places you can stay whilst visiting.
Overall, this spectacular ski resort is an excellent destination for not only the more adventurous but also their families.
Whether you are into skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or just want to take a relaxing vacation in a remote location far from the daily grind, this ski resort should be on your list of exclusive winter vacation destinations.

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