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Four Stages to Understanding Women"s Body Language

These four tips for dating women I'm going to give you are amazing at teaching you what clues you should focus on and what things to look for when trying to read women's body language.
Try to learn these stages to understanding women's body language, it will be the best thing you can do to understand and deal with women efficiently.
There are a lot of tips for dating women and most of them will rarely deal with women's body language.
This is the reason I'm giving you these four essential stages, in order to give to you a great plan on what you should focus on to understand women's body language and more importantly to know what it means to you.
  • The first stage is about focusing on her hand
You need to keep attention where a woman's hand is pointing and most importantly, what is she doing with her hand? Women are mysterious if you don't possess the right guide to read their body language, by knowing about this secret, women will reveal themselves to you without them knowing.
When a woman is putting her hand in front of her, not moving, she is fully present with you.
This is a direct signal that her mind is fully present with you.
However, when she is scratching her head or fixing something about her appearance while you are talking, this will definitively indicate that her mind is heading somewhere else.
The next thing to notice about her hands is: is she playing with her hair or touching her lips and other parts in her face? If she does one of those, it's a fantastic sign that shows that she likes you and that you should do more of what you are doing at that moment.
  • The second stage is all about her lips
This one is pretty obvious to most guys, yet they are rarely going to pay attention to it.
Why? Because most guys can't dare look at a woman's face for a long time.
So, this part of her body is all about being daring with her.
There are only two signs associated with the lips: The first one is her biting her lower lip, this will simply mean that she likes you and that she is thinking of you at the moment.
The second one is her lubricating her lips.
This again means the same thing, she likes you, but this one is a bit more obvious and sure.
  • The third stage in these tips for dating women is the face
The face is the body part you will have to focus the most on in order to understand women's body language.
Women are so mysterious to many guys because they are unable to understand their gestures and behaviors.
However, women will become very predictable to you if you can tell what their faces are telling you.
Here are some major signs in women's faces:
  1. When a woman smiles at you, it means that she likes you and that's it, nothing else, no attraction is present at this stage.
  2. When a woman smiles at you and looks down, this means that she likes you and feels attracted for you.
  3. When a woman looks you in the eyes and smile a little at you, this means that she is highly attracted to you.
  4. If a woman avoids eye contact with you, this is a sign that she isn't interested.
  5. If a woman brushes her hair when with you, this means nothing, most people will tell you that it means this or that when in fact it's not a great sign and it means nothing for most women.
  6. The second stage in these tips for dating women is the torso
Again, this is a very important stage that you need to know about in order to be able to attract women and to know what they think about you when you are with them.
  • The fourth stage is: the torso and the hands.
The very first thing you have to know about this body part of a woman is that it's very direct and very obvious.
I'll give you these simple instructions; you will have no issues in knowing what she thinks of you when she does the following:
  1. If her body is turned towards you, she is interested in you.
  2. If her torso is turned away from you, she isn't that interested or maybe feeling boredom.
  3. If she talks and moves her hand a lot, she is excited about you.
  4. If she touches you on the shoulders, hands, arms...
    , she likes you a lot.
  5. If she hits you gently, she likes you a lot too.
The finale stage is about knowing what to do What to do when a woman does these with you?

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