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Want Greater Prosperity and Growth?Springboard Your Past Accomplishments

Think about last year, then write down your 10 biggest or most important accomplishments.
You should reflect on each of these individually.
Use each one as a springboard for setting or revising new goals for this year.
Use the momentum of your recent past successes to fuel even further growth and development for this year.
Forget "New Year's Resolutions", just Do it! Here's how to get started.
Get published in at least three new markets this year Did you write articles or get published last year? Great! This year produce even more.
Could you use article templates to write an article per week? A couple of articles per month on a regular basis? Publish your pearls in technical and trade magazines, online newsletters and post them in article banks.
Print this article out.
Write some new publication possibilities here: A.
Expand your repertoire of methods and resources for doing your job What can you do that's new, different or better in your field of work for this year? Try some new techniques and ideas gleaned from technical or trade magazines, chats with your peers, seminars and conferences, meetings or brain storm sessions.
This year you're going to make even more of a difference.
Jot down some key ideas now: A.
Branch out into an as yet unexplored area related to your field There are almost always new developments in virtually every field.
A Google search will quickly turn up the latest developments related to your career.
How can you work portions of these new concepts and new knowledge into your everyday responsibilities? Now's the time to branch out, explore a bit and delve into some unexplored territory.
Got a couple of ideas or so on what you might do? Jot them down here now: A.
Join or get two new memberships in professional organizations By now you should be familiar with several organizations which represent various facets related to your line of work.
Are you an active member of at least two or more of them? If not, sign up.
Visit their websites, poke around and explore what's being offered.
Special interest groups can be a gold mine of key contacts and useful information for networking your way towards the pinnacle of your profession.
What are the top three or four organizations you should consider? Get the names and website addresses.
Jot them down here now: A.
Participate in at least two profession-related seminars If you're familiar with the professional / trade organizations related to your field then likely as not you know of any annual seminars and conferences they may sponsor.
This year, not only are you going to attend two or more of them, but you're going to give a presentation at two of them as well.
Often there are not only national conferences, but regional and local area ones too.
These provide more than ample opportunity to answer two or three "Call for papers" and get on the roster as a presenter.
Start locally or regionally, then move up to the big annual national conference.
Frequently, it's possible to prepare a focused-presentation and give it two or three times at different local or regional conferences so you needn't research and prepare several different presentations.
Note the upcoming seminar / workshop dates, places and themes here now: A.
Upgrade your professional credentials Don't let the world pass you by.
Upgrade your credentials and stay in touch with new developments in your area of expertise.
In addition to attending workshops and seminars, consider an online or virtual course, a lecture series at a local technical facility, trade organization, college or university.
Look into the availability of short intensive programs and summer courses.
If possible and applicable, go for a Master's degree, a post-graduate specialization or even higher if having a PhD or other terminal degree would substantially boost your marketability.
Pencil in a couple of possibilities for this year: A.
Remember to print this article out and jot down some key thoughts and ideas now to help get you started.
If you'd like additional help and ideas or have a question, please feel free to e-mail me.
I'll be glad to help.
Good luck, and just Do it!

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