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How Effective Communication is Influenced by Perceptions Within the Sales Process

Within the overall sales process, effective communication is very much about the sender and a receiver.
Embedded within that procedure are the perceptions based upon the existing beliefs of both the sender and receiver.
These perceptions affect the quality of what is being said and what is being heard.
Recently, I received this little story (source unknown) about Forrest Gump at the Heaven's Pearly Gates and it affirmed why effective communication continues to be a challenge for so many individuals myself included: Upon arriving to the Pearly Gates, St.
Peter tells Forrest that he must answer these simple questions to enter Heaven because Heaven is currently very crowded.
First: Name the two days of the week that begin with the letter T Second: Tell me how many seconds in a year Third: Share with me God's first name.
Forrest leaves and returns the next day with his answers.
To the first question, Forrest responds with "Today and Tomorrow.
" St.
Peter although somewhat surprised accepts his answer.
And to the second question, Forrest answers "12" and backs up his answer with January second, February second, etc.
Again, St.
Peter realizes that Forrest's answers are correct even though the answers were not what he, St.
Peter, had in mind.
Sales Coaching Tip: Sometimes there is more than just one right answer.
Coming to the last question, Forrest shares that this is the easiest question of all three because God's first name is Andy.
Peter is beyond surprised and asks Forrest how did he arrive at this answer.
Forrest responds: "I learned his first name from the song, Andy talks with me, Andy walks with me.
" With that final response, St.
Peter opens the Pearly Gates of Heaven for Forrest to run through.
Our focus as in both St.
Peter and Forrest does create our reality.
This reality affects how we respond both as a sender and receiver.
When we understand the impact our perceptions (beliefs) as to what is right or wrong have on our ability to transmit our thoughts, we will be on the correct path to effective communications and thus allowing us to hone this critical sales skill.

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