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Lubricants Selection Principle Of Mill

Lubricants selection principle of mill
Due to the harsh mining environment, coal dust, rock dust, more water, it requires a higher quality of lubricating oil of a good anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-emulsifying properties; when contaminated lubricant performance changes are not too large, sensitivity to pollution.

For some mining machinery, particularly prone to fire, explosion, mine machinery, use the incombustibility good lubricant (anti-burning liquid) can not use combustible mineral oil.Lubricant seals adaptability is better to avoid seals being damaged.

Open-pit machinery winter temperature in some areas day and night temperature, thus requiring the lubricant viscosity variation with temperature is small, it is necessary to avoid high temperature, oil viscosity becomes too low, which can not form a lubricating film, would not achieve the lubrication role to be played, but also to avoid the low temperature viscosity too high to start, and operational difficulties.

Space is limited when operating in the mine requires mining machinery, compact body, small size, and thus the pressure and load of the bearings and gears, and mining machinery are mostly heavy-duty, medium-speed or low speed transmission, most require frequent starting and to withstand shock loads; a lot of mining machinery in fire, explosion, corrosion requirements; open pit mine equipment will be able to withstand wind, sun, rain and hot summer and cold in winter such as climate change; therefore visible ore mechanical The lubricating oil requirements are very strict.

The choice of the ball mill lubricants

Mining equipment lubrication demanding Dort open gear oil and gas jet lubrication systems used in ball mill and other equipment for the lubrication of the machine have been greatly improved. Mainly used in open gear lubrication, ball mill, rotary kiln and coal mill and other equipment can also be used for the lubrication of gears in the gear box.

Current devices such as ball mill, crusher and coal mill open gear lubrication most important method is to splash lubrication and artificial lubrication. Oil pool splash lubrication is the most commonly used method of lubrication, which is part of the active pinion immersed in the oil pool lubricant to bring to rely on the rotation of the pinion gear mesh and then lube brought passive ball mill large gear using this method of lubrication will not only fail to control the lubricant volume, but also pollute the environment for equipment operation; artificial lubrication is one of the most backward way of lubrication, simply can not control the lubricant amount, lubricants The waste is more serious.

ort system off gear lubrication, lubricant injection is continuous, can lubricant through a nozzle jet to the drive wheels of the load on the tooth surface, the pinion meshing with the ball mill gear will lubricants with to the ball mill gear meshing surface. Injection time based on the number of revolutions of the ball mill gear, to ensure that each ball mill gear tooth surface load evenly in each lubrication cycle can cover a fine layer of lubricant.

ort lubrication system splash lubrication, artificial lubrication significantly advances the way, not only to improve the lubrication method can reduce the waste of oil and environmental pollution.


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