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Natural Healing - What the Heck Is That?

Natural Healing is probably the most misunderstood branch of the disease and health industries in the US today.
While it is a clear and well-defined concept based on solid science regarding the human body, it has been polluted and diluted by private and corporate interests who have successfully created niche markets around the natural healing vocabulary.
Although that can be seen as an excellent example of capitalism at work and be admired as an example of advertising prowess, it does great damage to those seeking ways to heal themselves who get caught up in the distraction of the commercial agenda.
If you are new to Natural Healing there are some simple concepts that will help you avoid the pitfalls and stay on track.
Natural Healing is not compatible with Allopathic Medicine.
The term Complimentary Medicine, which strives to combine the best of the Natural and the Allopathic approaches, is truly an oxymoron that defines a concept which is impossible to create.
Natural Healing is based on the simple concept that the human body has the power to heal itself--if the sources of congestion and toxicity are removed and replaced with the nutrition and exposures which the body needs to heal and thrive.
In practice this means eliminating processed foods of all kinds and replacing them with organic whole raw foods; it means eliminating toxic exposures from foods (pesticides and herbicides), chemical exposures from household products (cleaning products, lawn and yard chemicals, cosmetics, etc.
), and any other sources of chemical contamination; and in extreme cases it means aggressive herbal cleansing and raw juice therapies.
Because Natural Healing is based on eliminating sources of toxicity and cleansing the body of accumulated toxic substances, the use of drugs, whether they are pharmaceutical or street drugs is a tremendous inhibitor to the healing process.
Natural Healing is much more than the absence of surgery and drugs.
Rather, it involves aggressive measures to eliminate what is causing the development of disease and the entropy of the body, and replacing the damaging factors with the cleanest air, the highest quality nutrition (whole raw foods) and the purest water in order to allow and enable the body to work the miracle of healing that remains a mystery to modern science.
Clearly, Natural Healing is not for everyone.
It's a demanding and time consuming process which requires levels of personal change impossible for most, as well as extensive knowledge or the help of an expert.
Yet the rewards are beyond imagination and learning the skills of self-healing are more useful and more powerful than anything a human can accomplish.
As we all know, without your health you have nothing.

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