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Ways You Can Get Designing Jobs - Locating The Best Designer Jobs

  Locating work in a very creative industry such as  Home, interior, or even fashion design can quickly turn into nightmare of a task. We will take a look at what you can do to get Designer jobs, and into this creative industry and make sure the position you get is one that you will love.

  The first and probably the most important thing you need to be aware of is what states require certification in your chosen field.  For instance if interior design is what you want to do, over half the states and Washington, DC require at least an associates degree. So, check with your state to see if you will need any specific certifications before you start out on your search for Designing jobs.

  Designer jobs can cover a wide range of occupations. Interior designers decorate commercial and private interior spaces, and many designers also devise the addition and placement of architectural elements and direct construction and remodeling projects. But all Designing jobs will require you to meet with clients, adhere to a budget, create mock-ups, sketches and blueprints of design concepts.  In most cases you will also find yourself responsible for complying with federal, state and local building and fire codes, setting a time frame for work and overseeing the project.

  It is interesting to note that Designer jobs that call for interior decorators, will be able to work legally using that title in any state and without any formal education, training or even certification. Interior decorators typically learn on the job, developing an instinctual "eye." Usually, Designer jobs, will seriously limit you to making choices only about aesthetic issues such as color palettes, window coverings, fabric types, matching furniture, accessories, artwork, floor and wall coverings, and lighting elements. Head over to to see positions available in your area and what their individual requirements are. It is a tool for managing your career as well.

  One little explored area that you will want to think about, instead of searching for typical Designing jobs, is writing about your design niche, that may satisfy your creative design impulses. Writers work all the time without formal schooling, and you can get your feet wet while you search for Designer jobs. You can get started within the genre by starting an interior design blog for, you can get a blog for free. Once you've obtained a following, make sure you put your writing on your resume and create a portfolio with samples of your writing.

  Another thing to consider is calling your local real estate companies. While it they probably  won't be listing Designing jobs, sometimes they do hire individuals for Designer jobs that have them staging homes. You may want to offer to stage a home for free, with the realtor picking up the cost of any materials. If they love your work, you may find yourself as their exclusive stager.

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