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Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor for Hypertension

Because hypertension (high blood pressure) can be a silent killer in so many ways it is important to know where you stand and this can simply be done with an at home Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor.
If you have hypertension it is time to get to know what will help you normalize your pressure levels and keep it in check from now on.
Once you are aware of the dangers of hypertension you can be pretty scared for your life.
For my brother, he had his wakeup call when he was still young fortunately and now he uses a Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor at home to check that he is keeping his pressure at normal levels with the better lifestyle choices he has made.
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Microlife has served him well and here are the features that this brand of BP monitoring system offers:
  1. Ease of operation for the patient at home
  2. Saves data to share later with your physician
  3. Light, small, and portable
  4. One of the most affordable brands
  5. Extreme precision delivering accurate readings
They have been given the reddot design award for a number of their monitors.
This award is one of the highest and was given because their devices deliver precision, quality, innovation and ease of operation with practical user handling.
Their reddot products include:
  • BP A80
  • BP A100
  • BP A100 Plus
  • BP W100
Background Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Systems were developed by K.
Lin, a medical equipment supply company in 1997 with the purpose of helping people protect their health and further enhance their quality of life.
They offer different types of monitors and equipment for at-home and in the clinic.
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Clinical Testing It is important for a bp monitor to be recognized by any type of Hypertension Society for validation of a device.
This is met through clinical testing under the society's protocols.
The Microlife Monitors have successfully been given a seal from the European, German and British Hypertension Societies making it clinically validated internationally as an accurate screening device.
Optional Features for your Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Many of the Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor devices will come with added technology that will take three readings in one session and let you know if your heart beat is irregular.
This is done with three different technologies: MAM Technology Microlife Average Mode (MAM) will automatically take three readings in three minutes and then average them together to give you a more accurate reading that reduces reading errors.
Your circulatory bp system is dynamic and always changing throughout the day so that is why you should average 2-3 readings and always take your readings at the same time each day.
PAD Technology Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD) exclusive to Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor products detects irregular heartbeats that case a pause in your pulse rhythm.
Early detection of arrhythmias is important to help alert possible diseases then quickly start treatment with your doctor.
Afib Technology If you have atrial fibrillation the Afib technology will screen it for you so you can provide ongoing information to your doctor.
Afib is an irregular heart beat that specifically causes your atria to quiver and as a result, your blood is not effectively pumped.
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors provide patients clinical grade at-home monitoring for early detection of abnormal hypertension and irregular heart rhythms.
Be proactive and stay on top of your heart health so this silent killer can be beat and won't be silent to you anymore.

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