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5 Ways to Be a Good Facebook Friend

Facebook has changed the way we look at friendship today, but there are a few things that can damage your relationship as well.

Don't Drag Out Your Friend's Past Mistakes

No one likes to be reminded of the times they: had too much to drink, fell for the guy who did them wrong, or dated a girl who treated them badly. Do your friend a favor and refrain from posting embarrassing photos or continually bringing up past events your pal would rather forget.

Don't Steal Friends

Just because Facebook suggests that you become friends with someone doesn't mean your real-life pal will appreciate it. If a suggestion shows up on your Facebook page, decide if you really have something in common with this person. Some friendships develop over time, and if your friend took years to get to know someone and you pop that person in your Facebook friend list, your pal may think you're just out to get connections.

Don't Air Dirty Laundry

Keep your arguments off Facebook. It's rude, and with the various settings on the site you may be airing it for anyone (not just those in your friend list) to see. Besides that, no one wants to see you and a pal duke it out with nasty words.

Respect Your Friend's Privacy Wishes

Some friends love posting pictures on Facebook, while others would rather not be tagged anywhere on the site. Whatever your friend's preference, respect his wishes. Don't post pictures without approval and don't tag your friend on notes if he has asked you not to.

Don't Let Facebook Be Your Only Form of Communication

Some friends get so used to communicating on Facebook that they no longer bother to call or email. Not everyone uses Facebook as their primary means to keep in touch with people, so don't expect your friends to view your wall every day. If you have something you want your pal to know about, get in touch with him. 

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