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Keep Ya Yap Shut! - Facebook

Sex, Politics and Religion, Lets be honest, you're only reading on because you saw the word SEX in the title? "Keep ya YAP SHUT on Facebook"; OK a bit rich coming from me! But do as I say not as I do, an old cliche that, but has some truth to it: Well not in this instance, as I do adhere to this philosophy.
I write this post as a friend of mine commented on my personal Facebook profile to basically slow down the comments and mention more about business.
Well I see their point! It makes complete sense, except for one thing, it was my personal profile not any of my Business pages, so why would I mention business on my personal "Social Media" profile? OK, to be fair, I often share my posts on my profile that are intended for business use, but my personal profile is for my personal ideas, thoughts, opinions and friendly banter with those bored or silly enough to engage an opinionated old bastard like me.
I'll get to the point! I don't want to tell you what to do on your personal profiles, that's your business and is an extension of your personality, so don't censure that.
Say what you like about Politics, Sex and of course the old chestnut, religion.
But DO NOT say it on a business page.
If you take only one piece of advice from me, it is NEVER make your personal opinions known on a Facebook business page, because with all due respect to you all, not everyone will agree with you.
You take the risk of not only alienating potential customers, but potentially loose existing customers.
This is just common sense to many, and most of you reading this will know this to be true.
However I still see a lot of personal opinions etc.
on business pages.
This is especially true at the moment in Australia with the pending election and the goings on in parliament at the moment.
Many people, including myself, have a strong view or opinion, however it is IMPERATIVE to respect your customers, potential customer, brand fans and colleagues right to their own opinion without it being pushed down their through from your business.
So the moral of this is simple; when using a Facebook Business Page keep it business and customer related! Use your personal profile for your political rants (like I do), then your Business Fans will stay that and your personal Facebook friends can decide to continue to listen to your dull and boring diatribe about politics.
Yes, I'm speaking from first hand knowledge here.
Carpe Diem!

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