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Essential Skills to be Successful as a Teacher

To be a successful teacher, you need to be a subject-matter specialist with tremendous knowledge of your discipline. You also need to develop effective instructional strategies, hone communication skills and embrace technology to reach out to students.

Teaching is a profession which enables you to make a difference to other people's lives. Good teachers bring immense value to society by teaching students the skills to earn all round success in life. Qualified and able teachers get great pride as well as monetary compensation.

To get to the top of your career as a teacher, you need to develop a set of skills and keep honing them. The most essential skill of them all is subject matter expertise. Unless you are well versed with a subject, you will be unable to do justice in your role as a teacher and will lack the confidence of being successful in the profession you are in.

Communication is another skill you need to develop to succeed in any career, let alone teaching. You might be a very knowledgeable person, but unless you are able to convey yourself very clearly to the students, it won't be very useful. Moreover, good communication skills will allow you to comprehend the problems children face and try to solve them.

A teacher must be a good learner. They must be comfortable with the latest technology. Learning is a continuous process and a professional, more than anyone, must embody this fact. A vast pool of knowledge is currently available to them in the form of the web and teachers should be able to take advantage of it.

As a teacher, you should have a variety of skills in your repertoire to tackle the challenges you are going to face. You need to learn about different approaches such as learner-centred teaching, active learning, guided inquiry, group work, lecture and online discussion. It would enable you to use what works best given the content and the students' learning requirements.

It is common for the teachers to get discouraged by student complaints, lack of administrative support, budget cuts and job insecurity. However, they need to be mindful what it was that drew them to the discipline. It is important that you feel passionately about the profession you are working in and sustain it. This is a profession which allows one to research and shape the future of the young and influence the larger world as well. This is the charm of this profession as well.

Training and education are fundamental to success today. It is necessary to keep updating skills and broaden your knowledge. One of the ways you can do that is to join a course which trains you in the skills required. Just make sure that the course you are enrolling for really contributes to your career. An accredited course, such as a PGCE, will validate your skills, allowing you to make a successful impression in any interview you get.

All the skills and degrees notwithstanding, you need to come across as a person who is interested in growing in the profession. If you demonstrate that ambition in your interactions with the administration, you are on the right path.

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