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How to Create Windows Live Messenger

    • 1). Visit the Windows Live Messenger site. Logging on the Internet, you will go the Windows Live Messenger homepage. The address is here: Depending on what device you will be downloading your messenger to, you can choose from the options at the top: your desktop computer, your mobile phone or online.

    • 2). Download the application. Select the "Download Now" button in orange that is on the homepage. Go through the regular process as instructed, and then save the file onto your computer.

    • 3). Create an account. If you are not already a Windows Live member with a log in name and account created, you will do so now. Supply the necessary account set up information.

    • 4). Define a user name. Once your account is created, you will then be asked to supply a user name for the messenger application. You will create the name that your friends and contacts will see when you are available and online to chat.

    • 5). Submit your contacts. Your account is set up, and you are ready to chat with your friends. Be sure to add their email addresses or user names into your "Buddy List" if they are not already included. You will further be able to see who is online, who is not, and who is currently busy or away. You too can adjust your settings as such.

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