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I don't have to tell you that a relationship break up hurts, right? Whether you're going through a break up or a divorce you know it's painful and I feel for you.
 During my short forty-six years here on this earth, I've experienced some extremely painful moments during the relationship break up cycles I put myself through.
  The reason I'm sharing with you is because I want you to know that I have been through what you are probably feeling right now.
Yup, we're kindred spirits of sorts and maybe like you I have felt like I was going to die inside.
    I'm going to share my relationship break up advice that took me many years and hours of counseling to learn.
  Hopefully, this article will give you some relief knowing you are not alone.
At the end of this article I will share a great book by my friend T.
Jackson that you can use if you want to reverse your break up or divorce within just a few days.
 During my break ups, I would feel so hurt and lost that I didn't know what to do about the relationship.
 So what did I do? I would usually plead, beg and try to talk my way back into the relationship.
 But you know that never worked well.
 And when it did, it didn't.
 You know what I mean? The break up would eventually happen anyway and I'll tell you why in a minute.
   The reality is that I often picked a mate for the wrong reasons.
 Looking back on my relationship break up history, I realize my youth and inexperience caused me to mostly choose women based on nothing more than physical appearance.
 I would rush into sex without giving proper attention to the other aspects of a relationship that are so important.
  Then after the newness of the sex wore off, I would find myself in the middle of a break up, feeling horrible and needing advice.
  I often overlooked character traits in favor of looks and boy did that create some rocky relationships.
 I would usually end up trying to change the other person subconsciously or vice-versa.
 I have to admit, I probably fit the stereotypical male image of being out for just one thing.
Sex!   When you're in the middle of a relationship or a breakup, sometimes it is hard to see what is really going on.
 There are so many aspects to our own behaviors, beliefs and maturity that we're almost guaranteed to fail during our formative years in the relationship game.
 When we add a little insecurity, the fear of not being loved, co-dependency, addictions, emotional immaturity and a myriad of other factors, it can seem like the whole world is against us.
   But it's not.
 Nope, the whole world is not against you.
 In fact, everybody goes through a break up and experiences the same growth patterns and heartache you're probably feeling right now.
 Please don't feel like you are alone.
 We've all been there to some degree or another.
The quickest way back on your feet is to realize that you are not alone.
 Then, you have to do some introspective evaluations of yourself, the other person and decide if you have what it takes to create a long term, loving and lasting relationship at the moment.
  If you're honest with yourself, you may discover that you first need to take of an addiction, unresolved emotional issues like anger, jealousy or co-dependency.
If you feel that you want this relationship to work long term and you're looking for the fastest way to turn things around, then get immediate relationship break up advice at my web site [http://www.
  Don't make the mistakes I did so many times.
 Don't trust your instincts.
Before I learned the secrets to managing my emotions and instincts in relationships and break ups, I would get angry, hurt, lost and desperate.
 I would react and act upon what I was feeling at the moment.
  You don't have to go through that my friend.
 Get immediate relief by taking action and getting the expert relationship break up advice to get back on track with the one you love.
    I'm cheering for you!

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