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Best baby toys for baby's cognitive development

Acquiring the best baby toys for your beloved babies will considerably help in their development. What is truly remarkable about these best baby toys is their capability to enhance baby's cognitive development. The cognitive development of babies is described by Jean Piaget as the different mental processes of babies with regards to learning. This means that babies learn in many different ways. Providing baby toys that helps babies in their cognitive development will greatly enhance their learning potentials. These toys are often referred to as educational toys that most parents will prefer to give to their baby. However, it is important to know that not all education toys can help in learning. It is important to choose the best baby toys that fit to your baby's cognitive developmental level. To learn which toy is best for each level of cognitive development, it is essential to first know the first level of cognitive learning as described by Jean Piaget.

Best baby toys for sensory motor development

The sensory motor stage is the first level of cognitive learning. Babies ages 0-24 months rely mostly on their senses to learn. The sense of sight and hearing helps them explore the world and learn from what they see or hear. In other words, all things that babies learn at this stage are aided by their senses. At this stage, attractive and colorful toys will help stimulate their sense of sight. Sound making and toys with texture will also stimulate their sense of hearing and touch. These toys will help babies learn about different colors, distinguish sound, and surface texture. To appropriately know which toys are best; let us go over the different sub categories of sensory motor stage.

1.    Starting from birth to six weeks, babies reflex must be stimulated all the time, grasping reflex, and sucking reflex is still present at this age. Toys that can be held by babies are considered to be the best baby toys for this stage. Pacifiers that can be grasped will incredibly help in their development.

2.    From six weeks to eight month old, babies learn to identify different materials. They are able to appreciate interactive and colorful toys. At this stage, babies are able to use their motor skills to grasp and play. Repetitive toys such as a push and pull toy will help baby's motor skills.

3.    Starting from eight month onwards, babies are able to perform hand and eye coordination. A stacking toy will help improve their hand and eye coordination. The start of logic and intelligence is also believed to start at this stage. Toys that require problem-solving skills are the best baby toys for this stage.

In general, it is not hard to look for the best baby toys because most toys today come in boxes that are already marked with appropriate ages suited for the toys. For parents, it is essential to carefully read the toy's indication. Always check if the toys are safe and appropriate for your child. Choosing the best baby toys will need some basic knowledge on the baby's developmental milestones.

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