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How Give a Cat Medicine

    • 1). Organize your supplies. If you are administering liquid medication, you will need a dropper or a syringe without a needle. If you are giving a pill, you may want to use a pilling device, which looks like a large syringe. Pilling devices can be obtained from your veterinarian. You will also need a towel or blanket to wrap your cat, as well as a clean cloth for clean up.

    • 2). Prepare the medication to be administered. If giving liquid medication, fill the syringe or dropper. If giving a pill, load the pilling device or have the pill handy. This will make the process go a great deal more smoothly.

    • 3). Wrap the cat snugly in a towel or blanket so that it cannot scratch you. Because the cat may attempt to bite you while giving the medication, try to have someone to assist you from this point on.

    • 4). Hold the top of the cat's head by placing your hand across the top of the head with your fingers placed on either side of the cat's cheekbones. Holding the cat's head from this angle will not cause the cat any discomfort or pain.

    • 5). Tilt the cat's head back. The cat will then open its lower jaw. If the cat's jaw does not open automatically, gently press the hinges of its jaw, which should aid in its opening its mouth.

    • 6). Pick up the pill or syringe filled with medication. If you are administering a pill without a pilling device, place one of your fingers on the cat's lower incisors, which are located between the cat's fangs, and drop the pill as far back on the cat's tongue as possible. If you are using a pilling device, insert between the cat's front teeth and depress the plunger to shove the pill to the back of the cat's throat. If using a syringe or dropper to administer liquid medication, place the syringe between the cat's teeth and cheek and release the medication quickly.

    • 7). Clamp the cat's mouth shut immediately after administering the pill or liquid medication and blow on the cat's nose. This will cause the cat to swallow reflexively. You can also try massaging the cat's throat to induce swallowing of a pill. Be sure to wait until you see the cat actually swallow; otherwise, it may simply spit out the pill, requiring you to start over.

    • 8). Use your clean cloth to wipe away any saliva or medication from the cat's face.

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