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Children's Group Activities for Social Skills and Teamwork

    Red Rover

    • Divide the children into two teams and have the teams face each other standing about 10 feet apart. One team goes first and says, "Red rover, red rover let Cheryl come over." (That team says a name of someone on the opposite team.) The team must hold hands while the person they called will try to run through and break through their linked hands. If the player breaks though, he goes back to his team. If he doesn't break through, he must stay with that team. The team who pulls all the players to their side first wins the game.

    Creating Objects

    • Tell all the children to mingle around the play area while playing music. When you stop the music, say a random object, such as "rocking chair and four" or "elephant and three." The number is how many people have to create the object with items found around the gym or classroom. If you said, "rocking chair and four," players have to get into groups of four and create a rocking chair by working together using random items, such as paper, pens and chairs. If players are left without a group of four, they must still work together to create the object.

    Colored Yarn Hunt

    • Cut 10 different-colored pieces of yarn and show the children. Hide several pieces of each color of yarn around the play area. Divide the children into two groups. When you say "go," the kids must go find the pieces of yarn. The first team to find the 10 different-colored pieces of yarn wins the game. Children must work together as a team to see who has what string and what colors they need to finish having all 10 pieces.

    Knot Game

    • Take a long rope and tie a knot in it about every three feet. You need a knot for each person playing. Allow six people to a rope. Each player grabs the rope with the knot in between her hands. On "go," players must loosen each of the rope's knots without dropping the rope. If you have more than one team, see who can do this activity the fastest. If you only have enough for one team, time the team to see if they can beat their fastest time each time they play.

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