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Things to Do in Torquay

Holidays are best enjoyed performing exciting activities and it would subtly enlighten you to know that there are several great outdoor activities you can spend your time with while staying at one of those spacious Torquay holiday cottages.
You can certainly add these activities to your to-do list for your holidays.
On the other hand, it is very much assured that if you have enjoyed your awesome Torquay holidays, you will surely love your stay in Dorset.
Clay Pigeon Shooting Henley Hillbillies is a place that pays homage to a lot of many exuberant and delightful activities, like for instance, Clay Pigeon Shooting.
It's a sport that craves for perfect co-ordination, quick reflexes and excellent concentration.
At the venue, you would be given either a 12 bore, 20 bore or 4/10 shotguns, so you need not bring any ammunition with you.
The clay will start whizzing past and you have to shoot down as many clays as possible.
Clay Pigeon shooting would enthral and animate your holiday experience, probably one of the few reasons why you should stay at one of the Torquay holiday cottages.
Crossbow Shooting We move on to the next activity which you can try at Henley Hillbillies.
It's called Crossbow shooting.
Apparently, Crossbow was an ancient weapon that was used by the Greeks long time ago.
The Crossbows have an extremely accurate range until 40 yards.
In this activity, you would be asked to shoot various static targets using the given crossbow.
The shooting range varies differently from juniors to adults.
You won't get a chance to experience crossbow shooting everywhere in the world, another reason why you should stay at the self-catering Torquay holiday cottages.
Archery The archery range, located at Henley Hillbillies is really an absolutely great way to revive your childhood hero-Robin Hood and elevate your stay at one of the spacious Torquay holiday cottages.
The archery range has different compound bows with different drawing weights for different age groups.
Moreover, if you are unfamiliar on how to use a bow and an arrow, do not worry.
The centre has qualified instructors who will provide considerable amount of training on an individual basis to make you highly proficient.
However, please keep in mind that the age to participate in this activity is 12 years.
This is one of the few places you can visit while staying at the luxurious Torquay holiday cottages.
Blue Flag beaches and a warm year-round climate have enticed visitors to indulge in Torquay holidays for decades.
Famed as the birthplace of Agatha Christie, Torquay continues to charm guests of all ages year after year.

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