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How to Make a Gas Fireplace Crackle

    • 1). Obtain a package of crackle embers from a fireplace supply store, or order it online. These packets are made up of material such as rock, wool and vermiculite, which either pop or glow when heated by the flames. Some come in the shape of a pine cone, while others are loose material.

    • 2). Place the crackle material in the fireplace in and around where the flames normally are. They have to be in contact with the fire to work properly. If you're using pine-cone-shaped material or some other shaped object, look for the hole in the material and point it toward the back of the fireplace for safety.

    • 3). Turn the fire on the way you normally do. Some gas fireplaces have a button in the fireplace that must be pressed, while others have a switch or remote.

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