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You Can Make Aromatic Bath Salts!

People use aromatic bath salts for multiple reasons.
Bath salts can help to relieve stress and increase energy as well as improve mood.
Each of the many scents has a purpose.
Aromatic bath salts are also an easy craft project for those of you who are creative, and they are even fun projects for those of us who aren't so creative.
Aromatic bath salts are great to give as gifts or to display in your guest bathroom.
If you do not want to make your own you can purchase them pre-made as well.
When making bath salts you need only a few ingredients; the salt and fragrance along with baking soda.
For the salt you can use many different types, commonly used salts when making aromatic bath salts are Epsom Salt, Sea Salt or Rock Salt.
The best types are the courser, large grained salts.
Table salt is not ideal because of the additives but you can purchase and use non-iodized table salt if you wish.
For the fragrance, scented oils or herbs can be used.
This is when it gets fun and tricky at the same time.
If you are using essential or fragranced oils you need to be sure the ones you choose are for use in bath products.
There are oils specifically made for craft projects that are not safe for use in the bath.
If you want to have an herbal bath you can layer the fresh herbs and salt in a glass jar and cover tightly with a plastic lid (or put plastic wrap over, then cover with the lid it if is metal).
Allow this mixture to rest for two to three weeks for the salts to soak up the scents of the herbs then remove the herbs and you have aromatic bath salts that you can use to take a soothing herbal bath.
Most simple recipes on line have you add baking soda to the salts to treat the water and give you soft water to bathe in.
The guidelines usually have you put the salt and baking soda in the tub as the water runs and then add your oils just before you get into the water.
This does make a great aromatic bath but placing the salts into the tub instead of into a bottle makes it difficult to display or give as gifts.
When using this type of recipe be careful, especially if you intend to bottle the product.
It is possible to have a chemical reaction when baking soda is mixed with some ingredients and you don't want to be known as the one who gave away explosive bath salts.
Aromatic bath salts are easy to make but, as with most things, you have to be cautious.
With any recipe you get for aromatic bath salts it is important to test the recipe before giving them away and do your homework before blindly mixing ingredients that have a potential to pose safety risks.
Use sources that you know or that someone you know has used with good results.
If you don't have any that fall into that category use sources that you trust.
Aromatic bath salts are a great way to relax, and they can be displayed in the bathroom without adding them to your bath and still be enjoyed.
Use caution when using essential oils.
It only takes a couple drops for a whole tub of water, and if you use too much it can cause skin irritation.
The essential oils used in the bath salts will with time lose their aroma.
Essential oils usually only last for 2 years, after that they expire and you will need a new bottle.

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