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Visit Gripsholm Castle in Sweden

Immerse yourself in the wonderful tales of Swedish history as you visit the authentic Gripsholm Castle. Nestled on the shores of Lake Malaren, it is one of the ten royal palaces in Sweden dominating the skyline around the ethnic small town of Mariefred. The construction of the castle was conducted under Gustav Vasa in 1537.

As you wander through the winding passages of the tower you’ll catch a glimpse of the historical paintings, part of Swedish royal collection featuring famous illustrations of artists and composers.


With over four hundred years of history bound within its walls, the location of today's Gripsholm Castle once housed a majestic fortress belonging to a wealthy family that was soon seized by Gustav Vasa in 1526.

However, after being torn down, the castle was built on the exact location and then became the residence of the Swedish Royal Family until 1713. This historical museum offers visitors a wonderful stroll through the romantic gardens situated just around the periphery.

For nature lovers a visit to the Hjorthagen Reserve for a glimpse of the royal deer is a must!

Castle Delights:

Your tour will cover a visit to the pasture lands of the Royal Gripsholm Farm. It was in the 1860s when Sweden's King Karl XV renovated Hjorthagen into a national reserve where you will find a hundred fallow deer, lime and oak trees inhabiting the Osmoderma Eremita beetle.

On your visit to Gripsholm Castle, a picturesque scenario will be the lovely and cultivated gardens the Palace Park. The herb garden is a distinctive addition built during the 1500s with a garden pavilion carved in the vicinity.

The park is shaped with pathways that lead you inside the romantic ambience of grass lawns, 3,600 plantations and comfortable seating.

If you’re eager to pick up a souvenir, you can always make a stop at the Royal Gift Shop which is always offering limited edition products like interior design textiles and authentic Swedish jewelry in wide assortment.  

Getting There:

If you’re eager for a classic tour, Gripsholm Castle can be reached either by rail or an authentic summertime boat ride.

Located approximately 70 kilometers from Stockholm, you can catch a train from Stockholm Central train station toward Eskilstuna and reach the station Laggesta. Then, hop onto a bus and reach Mariefred that is situated 4 km from here.

If you’re traveling by water, regular boat services are available in Stadshuskajen (City Hall Quay) to Mariefred.

If you have hired a car you should know that from Stockholm Marifred is situated about 7 Swedish miles. You’ll receive a free parking service only if you are on a castle visit.

Opening Days & Hours of Gripsholm Castle:

The tickets for visiting Gripsholm Castle in Sweden are available at regular working hours. Gripsholm Castle is open on public holidays with specific timings on scheduled dates. A guided tour of the castle is made available for visitors inclusive of the entrance fee. The tour approximately takes about 45 minutes. For an English guided group tour, tours are available as per the following schedule:

· 1st -10th May: 13:00 (Saturdays & Sundays), or 14th May – 30th Sept: Daily at 15:00

Regular Visiting Days for Gripsholm Castle:

· 3rd –6th April: 12:00–15:00 

· 11th April–10th May: (Sat–Sun) 12:00–15:00

· 14th May–30th September: Daily 10:00–16:00

· 1st October–31st November: (Sat–Sun) 12:00–15:00

· 4th–6th January: 12:00–15:00

· 18th–21st April: 12:00–15:00

Entrance Fee at Gripsholm Castle:

Adults – SEK 120 or 12.78 Euro (Adult Students – SEK 60 or 6.39 Euro)

Children (0-17 years) – free entrance as long as the child is in the presence of a guardian or parent.

Address: Gripsholm Castle, 647 31 Mariefred, Sweden, contact by phone at +46 159 101 94.

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