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Birthday Present Ideas for 3 Year Olds


    • Consider a doll for a 3-year-old girl. There is a large variety of baby dolls so look for an appropriate one which does not have a lot of small hazardous pieces. Tea sets are another idea that most little girls love playing with and are very affordable with fun designs. Dress up clothes and play jewelry make a cute gift.


    • A set of wooden or large blocks makes most 3-year-old boys happy. Little hot wheels, monster trucks and train sets typically are huge hits with little boys. If there is a certain cartoon character the child really likes, consider a toy based on that character.


    • Books make wonderful presents and it is never too early for toddlers to start reading. Choose books filled with pictures. Coloring books and crayons make a great gift and are very affordable. You also can consider buying pretend play sets, such as a doctor set or a play toolbox filled with tools. Play-Doh is another idea but first check with the parents before buying in case the child is not ready for this gift. Stuffed animals come in a wide assortment and make great gifts for boys and girls.


    • Technology has become advanced in many areas including educational toys for children. Give a child a head start with gifts to help them learn new things. Puzzles focusing on colors or shapes make great gifts. VTech sells learning systems specifically designed for toddlers to help teach numbers, letters and overall learning development.

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