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Ideas for Your Child"s Seventh Birthday Bash

Some cultures consider turning seven years old as a significant event for a child.
The reasons may vary from country to country or even from culture to culture.
One of the reasons is that being 7 years old is usually the age when a kid enters the primary level of his education.
It's a milestone for some people because it signifies a kid's departure from pre-school levels like nursery and kindergarten.
For some, it is the age when a kid starts showing some maturity and taking responsibility for his actions.
This is why when someone's child turns seven, a big party is organized to celebrate it.
If your child is turning seven soon and you're planning to put together something special for him on that day, here are some party tips you can follow to make the planning easier: Work around the number - Organizing a party with a theme in mind always makes the planning a lot easier.
Since the operative number is 7, you can use that number in terms of many aspects of the event.
You can organize seven games with seven participants, give away 7 items as prizes, think up of a puzzle that should be solved within 7 seconds or 7 minutes, or even give away a cash prize that starts with that number.
You can also purchase birthday party supplies that have the number 7 printed, painted, stamped, engraved or embossed in or on them.
Find a venue that has '7' in it - This may be a toughie, but wouldn't it be awesome if you found a location with an address that has the number 7 in it? You'll be looking for addresses like '7th street' or a street number that starts or ends with that number.
The address would certainly look great on the invitation, especially if you highlight the '7' in it.
Play movies with '7' in the title - It would also be a great idea to rent a movie with the number '7' in the title and have it either played in the background during the party or have your guests watch it.
Be sure to get child-friendly titles like 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' or a few episodes of the popular television series '7th Heaven.
' Additionally, you can also ask your son or daughter to write seven wishes on a piece of paper and have him/her read it out loud during the party.
There's really a lot you can think of to make the event really meaningful and tied up to the number seven - from the birthday party supplies to the games to the prizes.
Just let your imagination run free.

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