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Blogging is truly an amazing phenomenon that has taken over the internet and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down now, or anytime in the future.
If you are interested in starting your own blog, you will be glad to know that the task is not hard one.
There are thousands and thousands of different blogging websites; but there are sites that clearly standout, because of their unique blog designing tools.
The WordPress blog is one of the blogs that clearly standout from the rest and has changed the way that people blog.
Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that the WordPress is now the new blogging sensation - this is because WordPress takes blogging to a whole new level.
Allowing people to easily set-up and manage their blogs without hassle.
Advantages of the WordPress Blog • Unlike other blogging services, WordPress does not condone spamming.
Many blogging sites don't put up a lot of fight against spam.
Usually, you will need to install several kinds of anti spam, plug-ins before you can even be somewhat safe from annoying spam.
WordPress puts up a really great fight when it comes to spam; this blogging website has its own powerful software that has been installed in order to fight the well known "comment spam" - this is a type of spam that is left by spammers on your blog, these comments are spam related and can make your blog designing look unappealing.
If you have a WordPress blog, you will not have to worry about this.
• One of the annoying things about many other blogging sites is that when they update, they leave you to go through the hassle of re-updating your blog designing and other features on your own so that you can be up to date.
With WordPress, you do not have to bother yourself about this because WordPress does the updating for you -WordPress automatically updates your blog each time the website get updated.
• There are times, when your system's server can fail, thus leaving your blog to become less than functional, this means that you will need to perform daily back-ups of your blog in order to ensure that the content is stored safely.
You will not have this problem if you choose to go with WordPress blog, this is because WordPress will perform the back-ups for you, this means that your blog will be safe no matter what.
• With a WordPress blog, you can count on not flying blind, this is because, if you have any issue such as blog designing, how to use the plug-ins and other site tools, all you need to do is to just ask and you will get answers to your questions.
There are so many WordPress members on the site who will gladly help you find a solution to any issue you may have.

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