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Freshwater Tropical Fish - The Ideal First Pet

Freshwater tropical fish are the perfect choice of pet for first time pet owners.
While you cannot hold them or stroke them like a conventional pet, they can nonetheless give you much pleasure by watching their interaction with each other in the tank, not to mention the relaxing effect that they have on you as you watch them swim about.
There are many different types and colours of freshwater tropical fish to choose from, like black, orange, blue or even spotted.
These pets do require a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep them well and healthy.
The first thing you will have to look at when you choose your freshwater tropical fish is what type of tank you want for them.
There are two common types which are the standard fish bowl or a glass square fish tank.
The fish bowl is an entry level fish tank while the glass square fish tank allows you more options such as adding lighting, pumps and filters to your tank.
You will have to change on average a quarter of the amount of water in your tank every one to two weeks.
It is preferable to add a filter and pump to the tank in order to keep the water healthy for your fish.
The pump will ensure that the water remains oxygenated which is very important.
The mistake is often made where people tend to over-feed their freshwater tropical fish assuming that because there is no food visible in the tank that they might be hungry.
Your fish only need to be fed once a day and about two pinches of fish flakes should be sufficient, depending on how many fish there are in the tank.
Some freshwater tropical fish have been known to be able to live for many years, so if you take care of them correctly there is no reason why yours shouldn't either.

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