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Do You Want the Best Skincare Products? Don"t Leave it Up to Luck!

I'm what you might call a 'skin care fanatic'.
When it comes to the best skincare products, I've tried them all.
And let me tell you...
what a waste of money and time! I mean, honestly...
there are so many products out there that claim to work wonders on your skin, and most of them do nothing at all! I mean, sure, they may soften your skin temporarily, or add a fragrance...
but I'm not looking for that! I want better results, I want safe healthy products, and I want a guarantee that something will work.
Let me tell you, after trying a legion of products that simply don't work as advertised, I've gained a huge amount of respect for the ones that do.
So how do you figure out which are the best skincare products, out of all of them? It's a matter of knowing your product, and knowing how it works.
Step one: Is it dangerous? A huge amount of skin care products contain parabens, if you can believe it.
These chemicals are found in many different products...
shampoos, deodorants, all sorts of things.
But in a skin care product, they are absorbed directly into your body, where they stay, building in concentration.
The best skincare products avoid parabens like the plague! Recent studies have found concentrations of parabens inside of forming cancer, and it is suggested that there is a link between these parabens and the trigger that begins cancers to begin forming.
You would think that something like parabens would be avoided by all skin care products, just based off of how potentially dangerous they are.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you that that's just not the case! A huge amount of skin care products, produced by a lot of the big name companies, still put parabens in their products, due to how cheap they are to manufacture and use.
So the question is, how do you find the best skincare products that avoid these dangerous compounds? The best solution I've found is to only use products that are designated as a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.
This compact ensures that the products used by these companies do not contain any level of dangerous compounds, including parabens.
This is one way that you can make certain that what you are receiving is a safe and tested product.
It's amazing that a large number of companies have refused to sign this compact, knowing full well how threatening their products may be.
It's also a wonder that so many skin care products think they can get away with concealing their ingredients from the public, by hiding behind slogans that their products are secret mystic skin solutions, and have to be keep secret! Well, if the best skincare products can let everyone know what they contain, it's no small wonder that these products of questionable value are trying to conceal the various unnatural chemicals they contain.
The irony is that the companies claiming to be natural often contain some of the worst and most dangerous compounds in any of these health products.
If you truly want the best skincare products available, you will look for products that contain healthy ingredients that are clinically rested for results, that fully divulge their ingredient lists, that steer clear away from things like parabens...
basically, that work like they are supposed to! It shouldn't have to be this hard to find the best skincare products, but unfortunately that's a fact of the market.
There are so many cheap knockoffs, containing dangerous chemicals that will harm or irritate your skin, that you just can't leave it up to luck.

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