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How to Repair a Washing Machine Faucet

    • 1). Turn off the main water supply for your house or apartment. The main water supply shut-off valve is usually installed next to the water meter. In a condo or apartment, this will be located along the side of the building; in a house, this will typically be located in a utility box buried in the front or side yard. Rotate the main water valve with a pair of pliers or wrench to turn off the water.

    • 2). Turn off the washing machine where you want to repair the faucet. Either unplug the washing machine or cut off the power to the circuit where the washing machine is installed. Pull the washing machine away from the wall or anything located behind it so you can access the faucet.

    • 3). Hold a towel underneath the faucet. Use the pliers to unscrew the coupling connecting the washer hose to the faucet. Use the towel to catch any water that spills out.

    • 4). Unscrew the faucet handle screw. Pull the faucet handle up and off the stem. Use a wrench to unscrew the first hexagonal nut (the packing nut) at the top of the stem.

    • 5). Unscrew the faucet stem from the faucet by unscrewing the second hexagonal nut at the stem base. Lift the stem up and out of the faucet.

    • 6). Check the faucet stem for damage, such as cracks. The stem should be replaced if cracks are present.

    • 7). Turn the faucet stem over and examine the rubber washer at the bottom. If the washer is worn or damaged, it needs to be replaced. Unscrew the screw at the bottom and remove the rubber washer. Replace it with a new washer. Secure it with the screw.

    • 8). Rub the threads on the stem with steel wool to clean off any caulk or tape. Apply pipe thread compound to the threads on the stem. Insert the stem in the faucet. Tighten it with a wrench.

    • 9). Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the packing material from the top of the stem. Replace it with new packing material. Apply silicone grease to the underside of the packing nut. Slip the packing nut over the stem and secure it with a wrench.

    • 10

      Replace the faucet handle. Secure it with the screw.

    • 11

      Wrap the faucet threads with plumber's tape. Reconnect the washing machine hose and secure the coupling with a pair of pliers by tightening it clockwise.

    • 12

      Restore the main water supply.

    • 13

      Restore power to the washing machine. Run a short test load. Watch the washing machine faucet and hose for leaks. Tighten any nuts or couplings if necessary.

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