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Flip Mobile Phones Are So Much Better

I recently purchased a new mobile phone, and I have been very happy with it from day one.
For the longest time, I had a brick-style mobile phone, which worked well but gave me a lot of problems.
I had always heard about flip mobile phones, and I thought that they were pretty sleek-looking, so I decided to get one, and most of the problems I had been having were gone.
The biggest problem that I had with my brick phone was that I would always find myself inadvertently pressing buttons when it was in my pocket.
I was not pressing them with my fingers, it was just that the lining of the pocket would mash down the numbers.
My friend told me that one of the biggest selling points for flip mobile phones was that you could put it into your pocket and not have to worry about it dialing any numbers when you weren't expecting it to do so.
That was a big relief for me right off the bat.
I remember on one occasion when I had my brick phone in my pocket, I hit a speed dial number for one of my friends, and when they answered their phone, all they heard was my muffled voice talking to another friend on our way to another assignment.
Fortunately, the friend I had accidentally called realized what had happened and hung up.
On another occasion, I accidentally speed-dialed the number of a friend who has a very long message on his voice mail.
For some reason, his line did not shut down for a long time after the message was finished, and my phone was on for nearly 20 minutes.
I did not have a plan at the time, and was on a pay-as-you-go format, and it took a good a lot off of my balance.
I had been reading about flip mobile phones and decided that it was time to get one, and I have found that the problems I was having before are no longer issues.
With the phone folding over, I never accidentally dial a bunch of numbers or call anyone accidentally.
Obviously, I don't have to worry about being on the line with another person because it won't push a number unless I open it up.
Flip mobile phones have a few other advantages as well, in that the one that I have, for instance, is much smaller and easier to store than my brick phone.
It is also easier to talk and listen, for me, because the flip phone is shaped more like a regular phone, where the receiver is more in line with your mouth than other cell phones.
Another big advantage is that the phone shuts off when it is closed, so if I accidentally forget to punch the off button, it will shut down on its own.

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