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SEO and the Best Company in Lebanon

Even if you are the best company in Lebanon, you require the services of a good SEO agency. The term SEO expands as Search Engine Optimization, and is used to bring in more leads which can help get in more business. Even if you are among the top companies, you need to remain at the top by competing with yourself and getting better each passing day. The only way you will be able to do this is through digital advertizing, which you can use to increase the scope of your brand’s awareness and potential.

The two main tools used in digital advertizing are SEO and SMO, where SMO expands to Social Media Optimization. Even being the best company in Lebanon, requires that you stay connected with your fans and follow the reaction of your target audience. Before marketing had started making use of the social media, when a business took on a new venture and conducted related surveys, the cost of doing such used to be astronomical because there would be cost involved in publicizing the initiative and also cost in employing people especially to conduct surveys to gauge the public reaction, if the reaction to the new business initiative was a negative then, money would be lost in reverting to the older business model. This has happened with even the best companies.

With Social Media marketing, the best companies choose to let their fans know any about any new business initiative, in order to gauge how their audience will respond. A real life example of this was the logo change of a very popular coffee company named Starbucks. They launched their new logo on their fan page on a top social media network. Almost immediately, the fans responded saying they were not happy with this initiative. This helped the company withdraw the new logo and go back to the old one almost immediately. Now, had it not been for the marketing capacity of Social Media, Starbucks would have lost a lot of money in initiating a logo change at all its centers world over, conducting a survey and then rolling back to the old logo.

What works really well with social media marketing is Search Engine Optimization. When a person is using a search engine to look for something of his interest, then if that product and geographical area of concern matches your business then you will surely want your brand to come up among the first pages of what he is looking for because this is what will help you sell better. Even being the best company in Lebanon requires your business to acquire new grounds of publicity and positive attention, which is precisely what SEO does. Since Search Engine Optimization is specific for certain Engines, it is noticed that a particular website that is optimized for Google, which comes up first in the Google search list but this does not necessarily mean that the same website will come up first in other search engine like Bing and Yahoo. So if your company’s next aim is to be the best company in Lebanon, you do require SEO and SMO.

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