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Tips to Pick Up Women: Choosing Your Target

Picture this scenario: you're in a crowded room.
Maybe it's someone's party or maybe you're just out at a bar or club with some buddies.
There are plenty of attractive women here, and a few that you know you'd like to approach.
After gathering up some liquid courage, you head over to the most attractive of them all.
From what you've seen, she's the kind of woman you'd like to be with.
Thinking of everything you've learned about how to pick up women, you start to play the game only to find yourself walking away some minutes later absolutely empty handed.
So what happened? Did you use the wrong technique? Possibly.
Are you just not her type? Maybe, but unlikely.
OR, did you choose the wrong target? Until it is called to their attention, a majority of men do not realize that a lot of their blunders haven't come from not having learned how to pick up women.
Rather, they have come from choosing the wrong targets.
In the world of seduction, a lot of your success is dependent on which females you choose to approach, especially if you are still practicing and perfecting your seduction skills.
That means that when you go out, you have to know what clues to look out for, the little clues women send out that signal you they want to be hit on.
1) Dressing to Impress Now, no woman will go out to a club or bar without dressing up a little and making sure she looks good, but what you have to keep an eye out for are the ones who are dressed to impress, the ones who are showing off that body a little more than necessary.
This is a subliminal message that they want to be hit on.
That means they are easier targets.
2) Eye Contact Making eye frequent contact with a man is not something women do unless they are interested or curious in the guy.
This is another message that they can be easily approached.
But tread carefully and see if she's doing the same to other men.
3) Surround Themselves with Girls The ever-famous girls night out is really an excuse for ladies to go and check out what the male market is looking like.
An all female group will be much easier to approach a mixed group.
In fact, they're hoping to be approached because they often want confirmation that they have "it.
" So go ahead and try to pick up women from a large group of females.
Your chances of success are good!

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