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Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment is Your Best Bet For Pain Relief

Most people know how painful and embarrassing a hemorrhoid flare-up can be.
Sure you can use prescription ointments and there are medicated wipes that may offer a little comfort, but you can get relief that is just as effective when you use natural hemorrhoid treatment options.
Here are some suggestions that you will find helpful if you have hemorrhoid issues.
These are all natural hemorrhoid treatment alternatives that can quickly relieve the burning, itching discomfort and soothe the pain you are experiencing.
These natural solutions are also safe to use and very inexpensive.
Bioflavonoid beats Hemorrhoid Discomfort A Bioflavonoid is a compound found in a number of different foods, but citrus fruits are probably the best choice.
These fruits contain several different Bioflavonoids that can provide you with beneficial hemorrhoid relief.
These compounds decrease the inflammation in your body tissues and they help to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.
Eat tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes several times a day.
If you make these fruits a part of your daily diet your hemorrhoid problems may not re-occur.
You can also purchase Bioflavonoid supplements.
Check with your doctor before you use these supplements because they could interact with some types of prescription drugs.
Fill up on Fiber Fiber is one of the top natural hemorrhoid treatment options you can use.
Adding fiber to your diet will provide a beneficial effect in relief from hemorrhoid symptoms and rectal bleeding.
Using fiber will soften stools and increase the bulk of each bowel movement which helps to reduce straining.
Add more whole grains and veggies to your diet.
Psyllium and ground flax seed supplements are also helpful.
Horse Chestnut Horse Chestnut is another natural hemorrhoid treatment that really works.
This supplement can be used topically to relieve discomfort or taken as a tea or a capsule.
Witch Hazel is Magical This topical treatment can bring quick hemorrhoid relief with its astringent properties.
Butchers Broom Sweeps Away Hemorrhoid Pain This is an herb that grows wild and has many uses.
It is a popular natural treatment for venous circulation problems such as varicosities and hemorrhoids.
Butcher's broom can be used in a tea or applied topically.
These are certainly not the only natural hemorrhoid treatment alternatives that provide dependable, fast relief.
Many people are discovering that these options are safer and less costly than prescription or over the counter medications that are often relied upon for hemorrhoid comfort.
In fact all of the drugs that are commercially manufactured for this condition rely upon natural herbs and botanicals for their active ingredients.
You can just skip the middleman and go right to Mother Nature when you want the best natural hemorrhoid treatment.

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