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Our Daily Choices Affect the Environment

You can use the word environment when talking about your own individual living space as well as for the planet as a whole.
The latter, the natural environment, is a subject of concern to more and more people.
The reason for this is that we have not been concerned enough for a long time.
There is a phrase that is often quoted about visiting spaces in nature.
It goes that we should take only photographs and leave only our footprints.
But this is not the way we have treated our planet for some time.
Though the Native Americans once acted in a way that considered the effect for seven generations, this has not been the case with cultures for many many years.
We put things into the environment on a daily basis that affects it, some for good and some not.
All products used become part of the environment in one way or another.
For instance, anything that comes in a spray becomes part of our air.
And you may have noticed that asthma and a variety of respiratory ills are on the rise.
Every cleaning product or other chemicals that we use end up in both the water and the ground.
And what ends up in the ground and in the water ends up in our food and in us.
It is a cycle that has been repeating itself in our recent history and may well play a large part in the increased health problems such as cancers that are cropping up.
Although there has been a lot of controversy over the subject of global warming, scientists who believed in it have not relented.
Finally, it is being largely accepted as a real phenomenon and one that rightly should cause concern.
Individuals are also gaining greater awareness of environmental issues.
Part of this is a concern for what can be done by each of us to keep those issues from worsening.
One thing we can all do is to stop using chemicals and purchase products that are natural instead.
Fewer poisons in our homes will make us healthier.
It will also result in fewer toxins entering the environment which will help the planet and everything on it.
Reduction in the use of fossil fuels can help to reduce pollution as well.
One way to do this is to switch to solar power which is not just environmentally smart.
After the initial investment, solar power will also help save money.
Producing less waste will also help the environment greatly as well as generate money savings.
One example is the investment in a home water filtration system.
You can then refill your own bottles rather than producing a lot of plastic waste products.
It will not be easy to stop being such a consumption based society.
And it certainly will not happen overnight.
But starting to make that switch will help our bank accounts as well as the health of us and the planet.

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