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Where To Get The Latest Information On California Public Divorce Records

The rate of divorce cases in California is increasing yearly. The residents of California can request for a copy of CA Public Divorce Records anytime they need it. With this, it has become a document that is regularly being requested by the residents.

The residents of California request for such document for them to do a lot of legal transactions. Some government processes would call for a copy of a divorce certificate especially if the transactions involve the couple. These transactions include, but not limited to, insurance and the update of the declared properties and assets. Another use of such document is for genealogy. It is used as reference when updating the family tree. It is the last document checked when updating the family tree but it can cause a major problem for the next generations to come if the separation of a couple is not updated. Divorcees who plan to remarry should secure a copy of their divorce certificate since it is one of the required documents during marriage application. If this document is not presented, marriage application may be rejected.

As the name implies, the divorce record in the state of California would contain details about the separation of a couple. One would know the place and the date when the divorce was granted. The document would not be considered as valid without the names of the involved individuals. There are limitations as to what the public can see. Information such as the reason why the couple opted for divorce is not visible to the public. This also includes the child custody and the division of the couple's assets and properties.

Although, the divorce certificate is a public document, access to it is limited only to the divorcees and their direct family. A court order has to be presented when one needs to access the divorce files of other individuals. One should know the basic details of the record being requested. The requesting individual is required to indicate their contact details on the request form. By doing all of these, the search can be made easier.

The residents of California cannot get a copy of a divorce certificate from the office of the Vital Statistics office. Instead they need to go to the county where the separation was made legal. Fees would not be the same for all counties. In cases where the county where the separation was granted is not known, one can get this information from the Vital Statistics office for only $13. This is only allowed if the records were registered between the years 1962 and 1984. The county offices now accept mailed-in requests but all of the requirements and needed information has to be included on the envelope. The payment has to be included as well and it can be via check or money order. The processing of the request can take up to 14 business days.

Online retrieval of the divorce certificate in California is now possible. A free Public Divorce Records search can now be done through websites that allows their users to test their system. There are paid services as well which are preferred by most people because of the completeness of information they can get from it.

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