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Same Health Insurance, New Bill

With health-care reform held captive in Washington, the American worker is waking up today to the same health insurance program he/she had yesterday, just paying more for it.
In a recent article found on InsuranceNewsNet.
com, USA Today explains that despite all the debate, for this year's open enrollment season, nothing significant has changed besides price.
For the 2009 health insurance season there are two very important words: the first word, co-payment, every health consumer should forget; the second word, co-insurance, every health consumer should become very familiar with.
It is the belief of insurance carriers and large employers alike that co-insurance forces employees to be more conscious of their own health.
Healthy employees (and in general a healthier America) lead to lower premiums for everyone.
I know many of you are going to immediately rebel at this idea because you "don't like having your life dictated to you.
" And that is fine, to certain extent I understand, but the reality is co-insurance is coming whether you like it or not.
Please don't live under the misconception that if the government takes over health-care you are going to be able to go to the doctor "on the cheap" whenever you want.
When every American is covered for health insurance on the tax payer dollar, each individuals personal health is going to be a large factor in premiums paid.
Which means that programs focusing on employee health are going to be a larger part of the health insurance picture.
Health carriers may take a larger service role than ever before.

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