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Burial Place

I was buried deep inside
The space was not that wide
It is fine place and last resort
I find it at ease with all comforts

It is few steps away from her home
It is resemblance of dome
All restless souls take refuge
This is final place and no one can refuse

I heard her foot steps near the cemetery
Some holy chanting was running as commentary
It was pleasing to the ears and creating environment
I heard patiently near by some movements

I was laid some days ago much to my misfortune
She was always with me and danced to the tune
It was unstinted love and support
I had no difficulty in maintaining the good rapport

II felt she was unable to breath
She might have cried enough over my death
It would have proved very difficult and fatal blow
She was placing her steps in grief very slow

"Why did you leave in midst of life"?
"Was I not proving true to cause and as good wife"?
'Why did you leave me along to face the cruel world"?
I have no more courage and developing cold

She had every reason to complain with plight
She was perfectly true in her assertion and very right
Life is to be lived jointly and spend it without any fight
Any difficulties are to be taken in good spirit and very light

"I have no where to go and stand as lone figure"
She cried with emotions as if had no future
She was engulfed with pain and everything had gone
I was still sure of her boldness to stand it alone

She did mange it alone in entire her stay
She managed it with skill when I used to remain away
It was all of sudden that she lost complete cover
The dark clouds zoomed over in sky and tried to hover

It gave me immense sense of satisfaction
It was total dedication with good indication
She proving her point without any provocation
I was here forever with never return of vacation

My plans were laid before her in case I had to depart
I confided her everything and tried to impart
She was there to handle everything in crisis
I had made it clear with more emphasis

We have limited boundary to confine
It is painful journey in coffin
No matter how big and famous you were?
Your place is secured and you need not go anywhere

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