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How to Make a Milkbone Reindeer

    • 1). Twist a pipe cleaner around one end of the Milk-Bone to form reindeer antlers. Once you have twisted the pipe cleaner tightly around the top of the treat, bend the remaining "tails" upward so that they form antlers. Give the antlers multiple spikes, or just have them point upward.

    • 2). Glue on the google eyes and the red pompom nose. The eyes can be even with each other, or you can skew them slightly for a funnier look. The red pompom should go directly underneath the eyes.

    • 3). Tie a length of red ribbon around the middle of the Milk-Bone, just under the red nose. Use a little bit of glue to hold it in place. This serves as the reindeer's harness. Leave long tails on the bow or cut them very short, whichever you prefer.

    • 4). Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the reindeer. This will be its hanger if you use it as an ornament. Use plenty of glue, as this side will not be visible, to ensure that the hanger is secure.

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