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How to Wash a Horse

  • 1). Put your horse in a halter.

  • 2). Tie the lead rope to a railing near a water hose.

  • 3). Use a gentle spray of water. It's easiest to use a hose with an adjustable nozzle.

  • 4). Start at your horse's hooves and work your way up his legs.

  • 5). Wash his body from the belly up.

  • 6). Hold the lead rope and with a light mist gently wash off your horse's face. Most horses don't like this and may fuss.

  • 7). Hose your horse's neck, including under the mane, and continue down the neck to the tail.

  • 8). Pull the horse's tail away and wash underneath.

  • 9). Use a big, soft sponge and gentle shampoo if you want a more thorough wash. Do not put shampoo on the horse's face.

  • 10

    Rinse entire horse with a gentle spray.

  • 11

    Use a sweat scraper or the side of your hand to wipe away excess water.

  • 12

    Let the horse dry thoroughly before putting him back in his stall.

  • 13

    Apply fly repellant once the horse is dry.

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