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How to kick your metabolism high in only 4 minutes a day

It's called the Japanese 4 minute exercise.
If you're living in the false belief that there is NO effective exercise that you can do in less than 30
minutes a day, then you're dead wrong about that.
It's been researched at the University of Yale that a short, super intense work out is up to 9 times
more effective than a normal workout when there is no difference in the level of intensity.
It's all about simplicity and it's a very powerful way to kick your metabolism sky high without
TRYING to lose weight with gimmicks or a deadly 60 minute exercise. Kicking your metabolism
high is the only right way to lose weight effectively. Let your body do rest of the work, while you do
this for only 4 minutes a day.
Your body is all about adjusting to anything that is presented to it. This applies not only to eating but
also exercising. Why waste 60 minutes on a tread-mill when you can get the same level of
effectiveness or even higher metabolism results in just 4 minutes?
If you're running 60 minutes, then your body adjusts to it and it's going to be high metabolism for
only 1 hour. As for the other 23 hours of the day, it simply stays low. On the contrary to this, a short,
intense workout is much more effective and has a longer lasting "after burner" effect.
The workout itself takes 4 minutes.
By following these steps you can get your metabolism sky high and let it run for 24-48 hours even if
you are not working out during that time.
Warm up (5 minutes, optional but highly recommended because your body muscles become more
elastic and this reduces the chance of injury)
One round = 30 seconds:
Intense workout 15 seconds
Pause 15 seconds

This all is multiplied by 8, so your workout length is 4 minutes.
If you are beginner, you can take 5 seconds off the workout length so you get 10 seconds of intense
exercising and 20 seconds of pause. If you are in a good physical condition, you can add 5 seconds
to each intensive interval so you get 20 seconds of intensive workout. Best results are experienced
with a 20 second intensive workout.
This above exercise can be done with any machine, uphill running or anything that is truly intensive
which you can do 10-20 seconds in a row. However, you must be aware that these 10-20 seconds
must really be the hardest workout you can imagine and you must do it with 110% enthusiasm.
Some half-hearted, self-deceiving exercise is not going to get you any results. This truly all comes
down to giving all you've got.
At the end of the 4 -minute workouts, you should be totally out of breath with sweat pouring down
your face and barely able to stand. This can be done with expensive cardio-equipment as well as
with skipping ropes. The key thing to ensure is that the workout is extremely intense and you can do
it for the full intense time interval.
Happy workout and all the best results!

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