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How to Make a 2 Variable Graph in Excel

    • 1). Open your Excel spreadsheet with the quantitative variable information. If you don't have an existing spreadsheet, create a new one from the File tab of the Ribbon. Input your numerical variables into columns A and B.

    • 2). Label your columns by typing titles into the first row of your columns A and B. If necessary, insert a new row by right-clicking the row header and selecting "Insert." Organize your data so that the data points in column A correspond with the data points in column B.

    • 3). Highlight your entire data set, click the "Insert" tab of the Ribbon, click the "Scatter" drop-down box and select the desired scatter plot style. Click and hold the bottom right-hand corner of your chart and drag it to change the chart size. Select the color scheme and style from the Design tab of the Ribbon.

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