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Hemorrhoid Care - Simple Steps That You Can Do Yourself at Home to Take Away the Itching and Burning

When you have a hemorrhoid relief is the only thing on your mind especially when going about your day feeling that itching, painful burning.
Are there some things you can do to care for your hemorrhoid lessening the pain and even getting rid of the hemorrhoid? Sure there are.
First is proper care and maintenance.
The rectal region by nature isn't the most clean part of the body and this is where the hemorrhoids are normally exposed to uncleanliness.
It's important to keep the area clean especially is the hemorrhoid is bleeding.
One simple tip is to bring baby wipes around with you during your day.
A baby wipe can be used to clean up during the day and is a lot better on the hemorrhoid than toilet paper.
A shower or water cleaning is actually best but a baby wipe will do.
Sometime during the morning and evening more than a few times is best to do a sitz bath.
This is where one sits down in a bathtub of warm water and lets the hemorrhoid get some cleaning and relief.
Another care tip is to not strain during a bowel movement.
This will only prolong the hemorrhoids you have an can add to the problem.
Whenever having a bowel movement just relax.
If you are experiencing constipation, a change in diet is needed.
Generally this means you need more fiber.
For extreme swelling it's also suggested that you do cold, ice compresses on the area to reduce swelling.
This is something that can contrast with the warmth of the sitz bath getting the hemorrhoid down to a more manageable size.
Even after the hemorrhoid goes away with proper care and cleanliness, it doesn't guarantee that the conditions that let to you getting hemorrhoids are gone.

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