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3 situations when hiring a Taxi : more accessible drive than owning a car?

American's love for the cars is not something new. A study shows that an average number of vehicles in every American household are more than two. Irrespective of their earning and where they live, owning a personal car and having minimum two in their garage is paramount. People have different reasons to justify their penchant for personal car. For some it's just a way of maintaining the social status and for some this is something requisite to live a quality life.

However, lately a new trend has emerged of shunning the personal cars and using alternate means of transportation like buses, underground trains and most important and widely used "taxi service". In this article I will point out few of the situations where hiring a taxi is out rightly a better choice than using personal car.

1)    Party night: getting carried away in a party night and drinking more than one can handle is quite common. However, one thing that many people do not understand that getting behind the wheels after being tipsy can have dire consequences.

Planning ahead for such situations is certainly the smart move and hiring a taxi is best option. It refrain people from driving after drinks and is certainly the best way to avoid the untoward. National statistics shows that New Year night is most dangerous night for the drivers. Numbers of accidents on New Year eve are so scary that taxis services in Virginia was free on New Year eve of 2012 from some taxi services to ensure the sober rides on New Year eve.

2)    Daily commute:

If your commute from home to workplace is more than 30 minutes, using taxi service should certainly be preferred over using personal car. It allows you to do multitasking. For instance, if you are not driving you can sleep, read or work on way to your office.

Hiring a taxi service is highly advisable to the people of Maryland. Why? Studies have shown that more than 47 percent people of Maryland are lured by jobs and other opportunities in Washington DC and other states but not willing to shift their permanently. Hence, taxi services in Maryland is most apt option for those who have to commute to other states quite often.

3)    Visiting other city:

Traffic jam is the last thing one would want to experience while visiting a place first time regardless of the purpose. Many people make a mistake of renting a car and driving themselves in an alien place and end up either getting stuck in traffic or violating the law of the land.

Hiring a taxi does not just save you from such hassles but also allows you to observe the new city also. People who are planning to visit Washington DC as a tourist; taxi services in Washington DC is highly advisable to them.

To be precise, this article does not intend to force people to give up the use of personal cars and increase the use of cabs. The purpose is to make people jettison the wrong perception that using a taxi makes no sense when they have a personal car.  There are times when taxi is far better option in spite of owning a car.

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