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Marine Engines - Special Care, Special Performance

If you are pursuing becoming a boat owner, there are many factors to consider, not the least of which is engine type.
There are several types from which to choose, depending on the size of your boat, the frequency of its use, and the environment in which it will sail.
Deciding between gasoline and diesel is one .
If your boat will see regular use, you may want to go with diesel.
Diesel provides extra muscle, although it is not offered on most powerboats.
You will need to take the boat out often, because rust is an issue in diesels which sit idle.
Gasoline engines are cheaper, and fuel is more often available.
Gasoline powered boats can sit for long periods without seeing any use.
Out on the water, gasoline engines are quite responsive to the throttle, providing super speed bursts when you need them.
Probably the three most well known types of motors are inboard, outboard, and stern drive.
The last type is the most popular, especially for pleasure boats.
The stern drive is powered by an inboard motor.
Power goes through a shaft in the bottom of the boat to drive the propeller, which is located underneath.
These engines offer major horse power! Those thinking about boats should know before buying that there is a lot of care involved to make sure your boat stays in superior condition.
With all their exposure to water and the dirt it carries, neglect of marine engines can be highly problematic.
Proper maintenance should be practiced diligently.
Careful winterization is imperative.
It can be time consuming, but when taking the boat out in spring, you will appreciate it! Depending on whether you have an inboard, outboard, or stern drive motor, the winterization tasks vary.
For the first two, the engine must be flushed with clean water.
For any boat, filling the fuel tank to capacity will prevent condensation.
Adding a fuel stabilizer is smart, too.
Water should be drained, faucets turned off, and antifreeze added.
These are just a few of the many chores that will be required before you store your boat.
If you are up to the work of taking care of marine engines, you are in for a wonderful experience.
You will find that few things are more exciting than being the "captain of your own ship"!

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