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Portal Hypertension Symptoms

    Blood in Stool

    • Probably the most common symptom of portal hypertension will be the presence of blood in the stool. Yet, this particular symptom may not be evident to all, as sometimes the presence of blood will change the color of the stool entirely, looking more dark and tarry than anything else.


    • A number of people who are experiencing portal hypertension will suffer the symptom of vomiting. This vomiting will usually (if not always) have signs of blood within the matter.

    Fluid Retention

    • Some people suffering from portal hypertension may begin to retain fluid, usually isolated to the abdominal region. The abdomen may swell of feel distended due to this retention.

    Cognitive Changes

    • A person who has developed portal hypertension may begin to experience a certain amount of cognitive changes due to the brain being essentially altered. This will usually manifest as some sort of confusion.


    • Since there has been some sort of change in the functioning of the liver to create this condition, many people will also notice that cuts or wounds don't or won't heal as they would normally.

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