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How to Interpret a Testosterone Test

    • 1). Search your lab report for the testosterone test. The name of the test appears with a value next to it.

    • 2). Check the normal range for testosterone in your report. Normal ranges for testosterone in males vary based on age and stage of maturity. Testosterone levels decline as men age. In females, the testosterone normal range is low.

    • 3). Compare your testosterone result to the normal range for your gender and age group indicated in your lab report. In males, decreased testosterone levels can be due to pituitary disease, genetic disorders, alcoholism, liver disease, drugs that contain steroids and androgens, physical injury to the testes, and viral diseases like mumps. Testicular or adrenal tumors, as well as drugs like barbiturates and anticonvulsants can increase testosterone levels in males. In females, an increased testosterone production can be due to some hormonal imbalance syndromes, adrenal or ovarian tumors, and estrogen therapy.

    • 4). Consult your health car provider for valid interpretation of your testosterone test result. Many factors play in deciding the normal range specific for you based on your gender, age, and maturity level.

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