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First Birthday Ideas for Baby Boys

    Baby Toys

    • Baby toys stimulate and entertain young children. When searching for baby toys, check the suggested age usage on the box. Purchasing an item appropriate for children ages one to three will allow the baby to enjoy the the toy for a longer period of time. Toy ideas include stuffed animals, musical toys, light-up toys and toys that encourage a baby to develop his fine motor skills.


    • Purchase a baby outfit for the birthday boy. When shopping at the store, look for outfits which are sized for one-year-olds, or that are marked in the 12 to 18 month range. Outfit ideas include little sports uniforms or small dress-up suits. You may also purchase shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats made specifically for his first birthday party. These items may feature a birthday cake with a single candle or slogans such as "I'm One Today!"

    Gift Cards

    • If the baby already has a closet full of clothes and a room full of toys, you might want to bring a gift card to a first birthday celebration. The parents can use the gift card to purchase items the baby boy will need in the future. Purchase gift cards to stores which are specifically geared toward children.

    Books and DVDs

    • There are a host of baby books and DVDs on the market. Even though the child cannot read yet, many parents read books to their child so that he gets used to his parents' voices, develops a love of books and begins developing auditory and language skills. Baby DVDs may also provide educational stimulus. Look for DVDs that are specifically targeted for one-year-olds to toddlers.

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