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How to Replace the Keyboard in a Toshiba A305

    • 1). Turn off your Toshiba laptop and remove the power cable if it is attached. Close the screen and turn your computer upside down.

    • 2). Slide the rectangular battery out of its compartment on the underside of the computer.

    • 3). Turn the keyboard right-side up and open the screen so you have full access to the keyboard. Locate the rectangular plastic frame just above the keyboard.

    • 4). Insert the top of your screwdriver in the seam at the end of the frame where it meets the side of the computer, and gently pry the frame up. Remove it from the computer.

    • 5). Remove the two screws above the keyboard and set them aside.

    • 6). Lift the keyboard up and unplug the thick ribbon cable where it connects at the back of the keyboard. Set the old keyboard aside.

    • 7). Plug the cable into the port in the back of the new keyboard and fit the keyboard over the computer. Replace the screws and bezel, and you're finished.

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