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Information About the Constellations of Aries


    • The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand reports that the constellation of Aries became important during ancient times because it marked the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Aries marked the point where the sun passed the celestial equator into the northern half of the sky; this point is known as the vernal equinox.


    • The position of the vernal equinox is described as the first point of Aries, according to The American Association of Amateur Astronomers. Due to the movement or wobble of the Earth in space, the position of the equinox moves throughout history; in 2010 it is found in the constellation of Pisces to the west of Aries.


    • Aries became important because of its use in Roman and Greek mythology, according to The Clark Foundation. Amongst the mythological stories surrounding Aries are Jason and the Argonauts' quest for the golden fleece; the golden fleece of the ram of Aries was later placed in the zodiac by the Greek god Zeus.

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