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How to Date Dangerous Women -Score Easily with Women You Should Stay Away From

In this article we are going to take a quick look at scoring with beautiful women you probably should be avoiding altogether, rather than having a lot of sinful fun with.
There are LOTS of relationships that are taboo, but a closer inspection of men's responses indicate that they happen FAR more often than lots of us admit, and can be some of the steamiest affairs around.
So if you've got your eye on a hot chick that MAY fall into this category, read on as we shed some light on the passion and power of dating dangerous women! Your Best Friends Sister.
While many of us won't admit it out loud, lots of us have good friends with even BETTER female siblings.
And while it may be an unwritten rule amongst friends, the truth of the matter is lots of guys are hooking up with the hottie anyway...
all while keeping it a secret from our best buddy.
( and for those of us who remember Al Pacino in "ScarFace", maybe this isn't such a bad idea!) The truth is, she's got a great personality and she looks great, and there is NOTHING wrong with this at all.
Simply stated, tell your friend in a respectful, serious way and he'll be cool with it, even if he freaks out a bit to start.
Your Best Friends Ex.
This is a little bit tricky, and often times can lead to the total destruction of a good friendship if not handled properly.
My simple rule is this:If SHE dumped him, and he's down about it, stay away...
EVEN if it's a year or two removed.
If HE did the breaking up, or it was mutual..
simply let him know that you've been hanging out with his ex and you like her.
If you are good friends and he's a cool dude, he'll probably give you the thumbs up.
But remember, unless you are prepared for the total destruction of a good friendship, don't do ANYTHING until you get his blessing.
There is nothing worse than having a solid friendship end over a two week affair with a woman who dumped the both of you, and it happens FAR more than any of us would admit.

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