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Get Inspired for Prom: Jennette McCurdy"s Best Hair and Makeup Looks

She's hilarious on and off the camera, but she takes her red carpet hair and makeup looks very seriously. Jennette McCurdy is probably one of the most under-rated beauties on the red carpet. She's always experimenting with different hair and makeup looks, isn't afraid to try something new, and is constantly surprising us with her adventurous style spirit. Her hair and makeup are always flawless, which makes the perfect inspiration for formal hair and makeup looks.

Here, Jennette turns a messy high bun into one fit for a formal. Even though her locks aren't perfectly in place, they are perfectly styled. I love how her side-swept bangs have height. And, she could teach us a lesson in how to have fun with false eyelashes. Her natural-colored blush and lip gloss really let her eyes pop.

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